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The Yocan Dive Mini gives you the best of what a wax pen can do with its multiple functions, designed and engineered for convenient dabbing. It emphasizes on the users overall experience and allows you to personalize your dabbing sessions depending on your needs. The Dive Mini comes with 1 of each new coil featuring Yocan’s new XTAL Technology. Dabbing with the XTAL coil brings you the best dabbing experience with crystal clean and smooth essence. The XTAL Tip is the touch style coil to use the Dive Mini as a Nectar Collector, letting you dab right from your concentrate jar for larger hits free from the restriction of a small loading chamber and eliminates the need for extra tools for loading. Say goodbye to sticky threads that screw on or off, the Dive Mini features a modern design with magnetic connections on the mouthpiece and glass attachment, making it a hassle free process to load or change around your set up. The Dive Mini is a smaller alternative to the original Dive.  The coils and heating chamber are not designed to dab large amounts of concentrates at one time.  The Dive Mini is designed to be used similar to a micro dab device.  If you suck too much material into the straw, it will build up and swamp the coil which will plug it up and you will need to switch to a new coil.

To Fill the Bubbler:
Remove the bubbler from the device and fill with water from the bottom, the proper filling level will put water just to the top of the vertical slits on the inside tube when the bubbler is upright. Filling from the top while the bubbler is attached to to the battery or overfilling the bubbler can damage the unit and would not be covered by warranty.

Featuring 3 Voltage Levels, the Dive Mini lets you change the voltage with just 3 quick clicks on the power button and displays the setting with a colored LED around the power button.

White: 3.2V
Blue: 3.7V
Green: 4.2V

4 Ways To Use the Dive Mini with multiple set up options
New XTAL Technology Coils
3 Variable Voltage Settings
Magnetic Connection on Glass Attachment and Mouthpiece
Micro USB Charging
133mm Height Without Glass Attachment
220.3mm Height With Glass Attachment
400mAh Battery Capacity

In The Box:

  • 1 Dive Mini Pen
  • 1 XTAL Coil (Pre installed)
  • 1 XTAL Tip Coil
  • 1 Pick Tool
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Black, Silver

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