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The Yocan Magneto Ceramic Coils are genuine replacement heating elements for use with the Magneto wax pen vaporizer by Yocan.

These atomizer coils feature a pure ceramic construction and a cutting-edge multi-layered design that speeds up the vape process, resulting in a strong and clean quality of vapor.
The innovative two layer design also helps to ensure that every bit of material packed inside gets vaped without allowing any bit to go to waste. The first layer will melt your material, then it will transfer through the center hole to reach the second layer where it is then thoroughly vaporized.
Yocan’s Magneto Replacement Atomizers can be paired with the innovative coil cap with built-in dab tool for ultimate convenience and to further prevent any waste.
Replace your old burnt out coils with this five pack of replacement atomizers and keep your Magneto Vape pumping out fresh, tasty clouds for plenty of time to come.

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