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Shake by Keep It 100 is a party of birthday cake-scented clouds and your taste buds are invited! Sink your teeth into a freshly baked cake, smothered with rich vanilla buttercream, and topped with crunchy rainbow sprinkles! Savor the smooth and silky sweetness of the freshly whipped buttercream, crafted with pounds of soft butter, mounds of pure cane sugar, heaping cups of farm fresh cream, and imported stalks of Tahitian vanilla. Feel free to help yourself to a second slice of this rich and fluffy birthday cake, baked to golden brown perfection and sending out mouthwatering scents of freshly baked goodness throughout the kitchen. And stain your tongue all of the colors of the rainbow, thanks to the plethora of crunchy rainbow sprinkles that adorn the top of this sweet treat.

But just when you thought this dessert couldn’t get any better, your taste buds scream “but wait…there’s more!” This mouthwatering dessert gets tossed into a blender, along with fat scoops of vanilla ice cream, and a splash of cold milk. The blender whirls cake and ice cream together in a dessert your taste buds will never forget and constantly scream for more! Treat yourself to a merry birthday, whether it’s actually your special day or you just feel like celebrating! Shake E-juice by Keep It 100 makes your clouds a truly spectacular dessert celebration, so grab a bottle today and get your party hat on!


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