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Keep It 100 OG Blue Iced E-juice Description

OG Blue Iced by Keep It 100 is the ideal vape juice to beat the heat during the summer months. On the inhale, experience the succulent taste of blue raspberry slush, and on the exhale, a rush of strawberry breezes in with a cool blast of menthol. Every puff is more refreshing than the last, so trust us when we say you’ll want to stock up! Formulated with premium ingredients and authentic flavors, this sub-ohm vape juice is a must-have for fruit fans.

If you’ve been searching for a realistic vape juice that replicates your go-to summer beverage, then this is the one for you! Keep It 100 keeps it 100% delicious with their true-to-life vape juice flavors. Each one is crafted by vape experts inspired by real flavors you know and love. Fill your tank with OG Blue Iced eJuice by Keep It 100 and discover the delightfully fruity and refreshing flavors of classic summertime treats in every puff!


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