Effex Delta 10 Hawaiian Haze Sativa


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Delta Effex Hawaiian Haze Delta 10 vape cartridges are the perfect daytime Sativa strain that’ll amp your energy with a feel-good mood. This premium, fan-favorite strain is a cross of Hawaiian and Haze, both finely-aged over the decades, and well-known for their energizing, uplifting, creative, and social-engaging effects. The pairing creates a delicious combination of fruity tropical notes and exotic flowers, virtually transporting you to a tropical vacation! These Hawaiian Haze Delta 10 oil carts are perfect for daytime recreational use, mostly affecting you cerebrally with a trippy head buzz, yet clear-headed enough to blast through your to-do list. And, they’re Δ9 THC free!  Give the new Delta 10 THC a try, it might just bring a little more smile to your day!

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