Extrax Lemonade Kush Delta 11 3g Disposable


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Delta Extrax Lemonade Kush HXY11-THC disposables are a proprietary blend of Delta 11, Delta 10 and THC-H to create a unique Sativa experience! You get 3x the fun with this HUGE 3g disposable! This strain is a refreshing Sativa dominant strain with uplifting and creative properties from the Sativa influence. It also imparts a mellowing calmness from the Indica influence. If you enjoy the sweet and tartness of lemonade, then you’ll love this delicious Lemonade Kush with its pleasant uplifting and earthy aroma. It should be handled gently until getting a grasp on the effects. It’s great for daytime when you need a little help focusing and getting through your to-do list.

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