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Cotton Bacon V 2.0 by Wick ‘N’ Vape

Cotton Bacon Version 2.0 has been specifically formulated for vaping. Wick ‘N’ Vape starts with select U.S. grown cotton fiber; then take it through a proprietary purification process to remove impurities, natural oils and pesticides. Cotton Bacon is created in a state of the art facility to provide vapers with an easy to use 100% tasteless cotton wick. Simply pinch and tear.
This new version maintains the form users have grown to love with its 4″ length, heavy body, easy to use bacon strip that allows for easy tearing to fit your size coil. This U.S. grown dual fiber stacks up to the driest, high heat and high power applications. No more break-in flavor with our proprietary purifying process along with clean room packing practices give the user the purest taste from the start. To keeps cost down and convenience up, we use a food grade P.E.T, resealable travel size package.

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