Nirvana By Zen Haus E-Liquids


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Available now in twin packs of 60ml unicorn bottles!

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Nirvana By Zen Haus E-Liquids

There’s nothing like a soothing fruity cocktail to calm your senses and make your taste buds salivate. Leave it to a vape company like Verdict Vapors to deliver that enticingly fresh and complex flavor experience in the form of a perfectly mixed e-liquid. Their Zen Haus line has given the vaping community a line of fresh, natural-tasting offerings, and Nirvana is easily one of their most delectable creations yet. Mouthwatering juices come together to soothe you in every sense of the word.

This special e-juice begins with a nice blast of mango juice that drenches your tongue with its enchanting tropical splendor, complete with pure sweetness and refreshing brightness. Next comes the juicy essence of succulent passionfruit that balances out the entire flavorful profile. Undertones of strawberry invigorate, hitting the spot like crazy, making it seem as though treating yourself to the taste of a magical orchard lush with ripe fruits. Available now in twin packs of 60ml unicorn bottles.


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