Meditation By Zen Haus E-Liquids


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Available now in twin packs of 60ml unicorn bottles!

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Meditation by Zen Haus E-Liquids

The Zen Haus Line by Verdict Vapors has managed to deliver one-of-a-kind flavor profiles to vapers who just want a bit more variety and meaning in with their e-liquids. Their ability to produce exquisitely balanced tastes is matched only by their commitment to using simply the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Meditation is the perfect example, providing a fruity trio unlike any other, and one that really makes the whole mouth water while refreshing the senses. You’ll quickly become one with this e-juice.

Meditation starts out with sensual grapefruit that offers a splash of zesty citrus, followed quickly by a generous dose of smooth watermelon that’s so crisp and rejuvenating, your taste buds will be weeping tears of joy. A trickle of luscious nectar from exotic jackfruit arrives just as you’re about to release that vapor from your mouth, offering sweetness and a hint of paradise that brightens up your mood. Available now in twin packs of 60ml unicorn bottles!


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