Hohm Tech Sherlock Hohm 20700 Batteries


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Taking an already solid foundation, Hohm Tech Int’l has pushed further making the best of the best even better. Now utilizing proprietary structure, top cap, and chemistry (Li-CoO2/C), we can confidently say Sherlock2 is king of the 20700 game in every way imaginable.


The idea original was to power electric-motor (EVM) applications only but found it too good not to share with the world. To prepare this cell to meet the extreme safety standards we hold ourselves accountable to, it took over a year of R&D on just the Cobalt Oxide ratio and Graphite stripping process.


The Sherlock2 20700 excels as its counterparts do, but with increased tolerance to amp loads, voltage-retention under load, and increased cell life with the inherent cooler operation of new chemistry. For consumers that use devices that require extremely heavy amperage, but need a battery that will support those loads without faulting, we introduce the Sherlock2 20700 cell.

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