Goliath Extrax Hxy11-THC Berry Blue Indica 2pack 1g Pods


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Continuously pushing out innovative products, Delta Extrax has become the premier source for new hemp-based products. Its latest product release is the Goliath Pods by Delta Extrax. It is specially blended pods that are compatible only with the Goliath Battery, which comes in the new Goliath Starter Kit.


What are Goliath Pods? The Goliath Pods by Delta Extrax are cartridges that were specifically designed for the Goliath Battery. Each pod has a 1mL capacity and contains 1 gram using a special Live Resin blend of Delta 8, HXY-11, THC-H, and strain-specific terpenes. There are 3 different strain options, including Berry Blue, Hawaiian Snow, and Lemon Pound Cake. Each pack contains 2 pods, totaling 2 grams.

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