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Creating yet another brilliantly blend of scrumptious flavors, Monster Vape Labs is at it again, adding a much anticipated Butterscotch flavor to its famed Custard Monster Collection. If you enjoy the unique taste of butterscotch and know the quality Jam Monster bases its success on, it is urged to experience the all-new Custard Monster Butterscotch Vape Juice.

What is Custard Monster Butterscotch? Custard Monster Butterscotch by Jam Monster is a remarkable concoction of flavors that recreates the taste of an outstanding butterscotch flavor. The taste it offers is incredibly creamy, smooth, features loads of custard flavor, and rich butterscotch that is sure to drive your taste buds wild. This stellar blend of cream and butterscotch acts as the ultimate pairing, offering up a dessert taste that you simply wouldn’t believe. A fascinating vape juice from beginning to end is the best way you can sum up this amazing creation by one of the most recognized brands in vaping, Jam Monster.

Custard Monster is a brand that sits firmly in Orlando, Florida. It has become one of the industry’s premier brands, gaining many awards, receiving phenomenal recognition, building a loyal following, and introducing the most remarkable vape juice blends for all to enjoy. The amazing brand rests under the umbrella of the leading vape juice brand, Jam Monster, which is its own entity, yet is manufactured by Fresh Juice Co., a manufacturing company known for developing a variety of amazing flavors. Leading the way forward, Jam Monster has added another remarkable vape juice flavor to its steadily growing collection, Custard Monster, which is famed for its creamy, silky, custard tastes. It’s a monster brand doing monster things, and it simply doesn’t get any better.

**WARNING: The Custard Monster Collection is now formulated with Tobacco-Free Nicotine (TFN), synthetic nicotine not derived from tobacco leaves. This may result in a different experience as TFN can reduce the harshness profile typically in regular E-Liquids.**



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