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Best RIG Bangers 

High-end dabs require Quartz Bangers from Rebel Initiate Glassworks (RIG) with its powerful performance and sweet, good looks! Made with premium materials and expertly crafted with great design, these are great bangers for any rig!

Designed with your standard 14mm bong in mind, these premium quartz bangers come in 45º and 90º models as well as slanted or flat top versions! These super-strong bangers feature solid 100% quartz for excellent heat retention and long life!


Quartz Banger Gladness

The dab experts at RIG deliver consistent and incredibly durable torch work for awesome rig work and excellent dabbing accessories. Quartz bangers from RIG mark their turf with a permanent, etched logo on the front.

Quartz is incredibly easy to clean because it handles heat so well. Use the same products and methods as you would with your rig for that crystal clean flavor after each sesh! Quartz can also handle the extreme temperatures of dishwashers.

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