Many vapers find that with a box mod, they can tweak settings such as wattage and temperature control to achieve their ideal vapor production, flavor, and power. Another well-known benefit of box mods is their long-lasting battery life, with most models powering up with at least two rechargeable 18650 batteries. However, few mods use internal batteries, so it’s best to stock up.
Unlike old mechanical mods, one of the key characteristics of today’s box mods is their unique chipsets and safety features. Which opens up a world of ways to personalize the feel of your device. Features like variable voltage,  voice control, Bluetooth, puff counter customization, screen color, adjustment buttons, and accent lighting add new elements to your vape experience.
Depending on the mod you select, you’ll also have the option to add on your vape tank. Mods are generally constructed with a 510 connection, so you can easily switch out mod tanks, RDAs, and RTAs.
Here are some tips on how to narrow down your selection to find the perfect mod for you: