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A disposable vape is a vaping device that is fully charged and filled with e-liquid by the manufacturer. You don’t need to charge or fill a disposable vape before using it and can begin vaping immediately after removing the device from its package. You can continue using a disposable vape until it runs out of vape juice or battery life. At that point, you’ll disposable of the device and replace it with a new one. Disposable vapes are the simplest and most convenient vaping devices on the market. They’re also incredibly beginner friendly, which might make a disposable vape the ideal choice for you if you’re new to vaping and are trying to figure out what type of device to try first.

So, what is a disposable vape pen? Reading this article, you’re going to become an expert. We’re going to explain how disposable vapes work and describe their benefits. We’re also going to talk about the things we’ve done here at Innokin to revolutionize the field of disposable vapes.


How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

A disposable vape consists of four primary components: the battery, the logic board, the wick and the heating coil. Those components work together to ensure that the device works safely and delivers a flavorful, satisfying puff every time. Here’s how disposable vapes work.

  • The battery supplies power to the device. The battery in a disposable vape can usually supply several hundred puffs before it dies. At that point, you’ll need to replace the device unless the battery is rechargeable. If you have a disposable vape with a USB port, you can recharge the battery when it dies and continue using the device until it runs out of vape juice.
  • The logic board controls the functions of a disposable vape. It interfaces with the battery and the puff sensor to deliver power to the heating coil when you puff on the device. The logic board is also responsible for the device’s safety functions, which may include automatic overheating, short circuit and low voltage protection. In a rechargeable disposable vape, the logic board also handles the charging function and ensures that the battery stops charging when it reaches its target voltage.
  • The wick holds the disposable vape’s e-liquid and supplies the heating coil with vape juice. In most disposable vapes, the wick is wrapped around the coil. When you vape, the coil vaporizes the vape juice in the inner part of the wick. After you puff on the device, the process of absorption brings more vape juice to the coil from the outer part of the wick. This continues until the wick is dry, and at that point, it’s time to replace the device.
  • The coil is a heating element made from a metal or alloy with a high electrical resistance. When electricity passes through the coil, the resistance causes the coil to produce heat, which vaporizes the e-liquid.

All disposable vapes are puff activated, which means that the device generates vapor when you puff on the mouthpiece. Between puffs, the wick refreshes the coil with more vape juice. That process continues until the wick is dry, or the battery runs out of power.

What Are the Benefits of Disposable Vapes?

If you haven’t switched to vaping yet and are trying to decide what your first device should be, you’ll probably be very happy with a disposable vape. Here are some of the biggest benefits of disposable vapes.

  • They’re the easiest vaping devices to use.A disposable vape never requires an instruction manual. You instinctively know how to use it, and it’s ready to use immediately when you remove it from the package. You never have to charge or fill a disposable vape before using it.
  • They’re very small and light.Disposable vapes aren’t just the smallest vaping devices on the market – a disposable vape is also much smaller than a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. You’ll definitely enjoy the fact that you no longer have to walk everywhere with the telltale outline of a cigarette pack visible through your pocket.
  • They’re inexpensive.Buying a disposable vape is a great way to introduce yourself to vaping because it’s less expensive than buying a full vape kit and a bottle of e-liquid. A disposable vape typically lasts hundreds of puffs before running out of vape juice, and some modern rechargeable disposable vapes last thousands of puffs. Since disposable vapes often last several days before requiring replacement, they’re among the cheapest vaping devices on the market.
  • They’re as satisfying as cigarettes.Disposable vapes typically use e-liquids with high nicotine strengths, so they can deliver nicotine very efficiently. That’s very important because a disposable vape is likely to be your first vaping device – you need it to feel as much like a cigarette as possible. Our disposable vapes also have a couple of additional enhancements that make them even more satisfying; we’ll discuss those shortly.
  • They’re enjoyable to use.One of the most important developments in disposable vapes over the past couple of years is that they’re now available in a wide variety of different flavors. There’s such a wide variety of flavors available that you should have no trouble finding at least one flavor that’s a perfect fit for your personal taste. Disposable vapes are also great for people who love variety because you’ll probably never run out of different flavors to try.
  • What Are the Different Types of Disposable Vapes?

    There are two different types of disposable vapes: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. If you have a non-rechargeable disposable vape, you’ll need to replace the device when it runs out of either e-liquid or battery power. With a rechargeable disposable vape, on the other hand, you can recharge the battery when it dies and continue using the device until it’s completely out of vape juice. Both types of disposable vapes have their own benefits.

    Benefits of Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

    Rechargeable disposable vapes like the Innokin INNOBAR V3 have several benefits, and the first benefit is that they typically have higher e-liquid capacities and can deliver more total puffs. The INNOBAR V3, for instance, delivers up to 6,000 puffs and has an impressive e-liquid capacity of 15 ml. Since the you can recharge the battery when it dies, you’ll have no trouble using every drop of e-liquid in a disposable vape. With a non-rechargeable device, on the other hand, there’s always a chance that the battery will die before the device is completely out of vape juice.

    Rechargeable disposable vapes often have a great deal more e-liquid than their non-rechargeable counterparts, but they usually don’t cost significantly more. Since a rechargeable device may last several days longer than a non-rechargeable one before you need to replace it, using a rechargeable device can greatly reduce your daily vaping expenses.

  • Benefits of Non-Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

    Although they may not last as long as rechargeable devices, non-rechargeable disposable vapes have a benefit of their own: they’re usually much smaller than rechargeable devices. All disposable vapes are extremely small and portable – but if you want a device that you can use extremely discreetly and that you’ll barely feel in your pocket at all, you’ll probably enjoy using a non-rechargeable disposable vape.

A clean vape is a happy vape

A clean vape is the simplest way to get optimal performance. The ingredients of vape juice will generally not stain your equipment, but residue will accumulate and the buildup will eventually affect performance. Vegetable glycerin, some darker ejuice flavorings, and especially sweet flavors are notorious for gunking up coils. A gunked up coil will have lower flavor and vapor production and can make your vape taste burnt.

Even if you change the coil head, the flavoring from your last juice might still be lingering in your device. This is especially true for tobacco, coffee, menthol, cinnamon and other dominant flavors such as melon, grape or licorice. Imagine trying to vape a grape-flavored coffee e-liquid—no offense to the grape coffee lovers out there.

What if your vape is new? Sometimes atomizers and tanks will arrive smelling like machine oil. They might not look dirty, but the characteristic smell will give them away. Whether your device is new or well-used, a proper cleaning is a simple way to ensure the best possible experience. Luckily most tanks these days are easy to clean if you know the right steps to take.

How to clean a vape tank

First step: take the coil out (we are going to discuss coil cleaning later). And while you are at it, take the rest of the tank apart. Pay close attention to how things fit together, and make mental note of what goes where. Keep it all organized and don’t lose any pieces. You can use a small bowl to house everything while you do this. This will make cleaning much more efficient, while also familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of your tank. There are many ways to clean your vape tank, but these are the most effective.

The standard rinse

If your tank is relatively clean, warm water works well. Take the tank apart, separating the parts. Place each part under running water, drying them with a piece of paper towel. Let them air dry afterward until no water or condensation is visible. If your tank hasn’t been cleaned for a while, you might have to add an extra step.

Take your cup or bowl and fill it with water. Place it in the microwave for about two minutes. In the meantime, rinse the parts of your tank under the sink, to get the process started. Next, take out the cup or bowl from the microwave and place your disassembled tank inside of it.

Let it sit, until the water cools down, then give your tank one last rinse under the sink. Use a paper towel to gently and carefully dry your tank. Place it aside until completely dry. You can also use a blow dryer to speed up the process, but too much heat can potentially damage your O-rings.

The PG rinse

Instead of water, you can soak your tank in propylene glycol. Simply fill up a bowl or cup with your PG, and let your disassembled tank sit there for an hour or two. Don’t use VG, as that would make cleaning your tank more difficult, since it’s a much thicker liquid.

Once your tank is done soaking in PG, stand it up on a napkin and let it drip dry. This method is excellent for getting out that leftover flavor, as propylene glycol is an excellent flavor carrier.

The cleaning agent rinse

If you want even better results, you can use some simple household items to give your tank a deeper cleaning. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly after application and let your tank sit to get dry.

  • Baking soda is a good cleaning agent that can be used to get tanks sparkling again.
  • Ethanol, aka grain alcohol, is yet another highly effective substance for cleaning. Don’t get this confused with Isopropyl alcohol which should not be used on the inside of your tank.
  • Cheap Vodka is not a household item, but chances are you can find it at the grocery store. It will do the job and won’t cost you much.
  • Vinegar is a highly acidic cleaning agent but must be thoroughly rinsed to prevent its smell from lingering.

Some vapers prefer using a little bit of dish soap or lemon juice with water instead. Again, remember to rinse well as vaping dish soap is probably even worse than it sounds.

The ultrasonic cleaner

If you want to get the most thorough cleaning possible for your vape tanks, you’ll need an ultrasonic cleaner. Typically used for cleaning jewelry and precious metals, now used by vapers worldwide to clean their atomizers. While you don’t need an ultrasonic cleaner made specifically for vape gear, the ones that can run for 10-minute cycles are ideal.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner is not a complicated process. Just fill it with water, put all of the parts of your vape tank inside and run it until everything is clean. You could add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid in your ultrasonic cleaner, but it’s not necessary. Just give your tank an extra rinse afterward and let it dry.

How to clean your coils

Cleaning coils is a little less straight forward. Replaceable coils in come in two types: coil heads for tanks, which are encased in a small metal chamber that contain an absorbent wick; and coils for rebuildables, which require the user to install and wick. The approach to cleaning the two types is vastly different.

Replaceable coils

Replaceable coil heads that come with sub ohm tanks and clearomizers can technically be cleaned, but it won’t completely revive them. Best case scenario, you get an extra few days out of a tired coil head. The reason behind that is the presence of wicks. Letting dirty coils soak and having water pass through them will remove some of the residue, but not all of it. And on top of that, you will need to wait for water to fully evaporate, which may take a while.

If you still want to clean your coil heads, then you can follow the old soak and rinse method.

  • Let your coil soak in ethanol, vinegar or cheap vodka for at least a couple of hours
  • Place it under the tap and rinse
  • Rinse once more with some distilled water
  • Blow air on the open side of your coil to force water to the wicking holes
  • Set it aside until all water has evaporated
  • A bit of sun or a heater will speed up the process, but it will still take time. You will notice that the wicks will look much better after that but, again, don’t get your hopes too high. You will still need to change the coil head soon despite how new it looks.

    Rebuildable coils

    If you are using a rebuildable atomizer, not only you can clean your coils, but you actually should clean them! Gunked up coils will quickly start suffering in flavor and vapor production. But you can follow some simple steps and have your coils almost as good as new in no time.

    The first thing you have to do is remove the wicks from your coils—you don’t want to burn them. If your coils are not that bad, a light dry burn will do the trick. Pulse the fire button a few times until you remove the remaining liquid, let them cool down and re-wick.

    But if you have already done this a couple of times, dry burning might not do the trick. In that case, you can follow these steps for deeper cleaning.

    • Remove wicks from coils
    • Dry burn your coils lightly (don’t let them glow too much)
    • Remove atomizer from your mod
    • Place under running water
    • Brush them lightly with a toothbrush or a coil cleaning tool
    • Rinse once again
    • End with a final dry burn to remove the last droplets of water

    You can also use a bit of dishwashing liquid when brushing your coils, but take care to rinse them thoroughly afterward in hot water.

    If your coils are still gunked up, or if flavor production has dropped significantly, then it’s time to rebuild your atomizer. Proper cleaning will greatly extend the life of your coils, but at some point they will succumb to time and extensive use.

    How to clean your vape pen

    If your vape pen comes with a detachable tank, following the vape tank cleaning tips will do the job. Keeping the battery section clean is also important, but make sure to not use water on it. A soft cloth will work for everyday maintenance, and stains can be removed with the use of a wet towel. Just make sure you don’t get buttons and charging ports wet.

    For vape pen starter kits that come in a one-piece design, things get a little trickier. Since water and electronics don’t go well together, even if you try to rinse your device carefully there are many things that can go wrong. The safest and easiest way to clean an AIO vape pen is by using a Q-tip. Soak a Q-tip in propylene glycol or distilled water and wipe the inside of the tank section thoroughly. For even better results, go over it once more with a dry Q-tip. This way you will be able to remove most of the gunk effectively.

    How to change e-liquid

    First thing to note is that different brands of e-juice are fine to be mixed. Whether you like the taste of the mix is a different story. For most people, thoroughly cleaning their vapes every time they change e-liquid sounds like a lot of work. Is cleaning your tank between juices necessary? It doesn’t have to be.

    If you’ve vaped your tank empty before changing e-liquid, it shouldn’t take long for the previous flavor to be completely flushed out. In fact, when vaping on similar flavor profiles, some of the in-between puffs might even be very tasty. But if the two juices are very different, chances are you are not going to enjoy the flavor mix. Here’s what you can do to save yourself some time.

    Remove all e-liquid from the tank and take some short-duration puffs—this will dry up the wicks. Don’t take more than 3-4 puffs as a dry hit is lurking. If you are using a regulated device, lowering the wattage will give you some extra safety. With the wicks relatively dry, switching flavors will be much faster—although you might still have some mixed flavor puffs in between.

    Another trick to remove the leftover flavor from your wicks is to blow into the mouthpiece of your tank while firing your mod. This will vaporize that last bit of liquid left. It’s a useful trick, but you’ll want to do it at a very low wattage to be sure you’re not going to burn your wicks in the process.

    For users of rebuildable dripping atomizers, the process is even simpler. In fact, RDAs are the most efficient atomizers for flavor switching on the go. Just take the top cap off and blow on your coils while firing your device. You will notice that your wicks are drying up and turning white—again, don’t overdo it as you can burn them. Drip some of your new ejuice on your coils and vape on.

    For even better results you can try vaping some base e-liquid between different juices. This works for both tanks and RDAs, and will get rid of lingering flavors more efficiently.

7 Beginner Vape Tricks

Looking for popular vape tricks for beginners?

So you have had your vape for a while. Now it’s time to learn some cool tricks to impress your friends. Here’s a list of the top beginner vape tricks and how to do them!

From the French Inhale to blowing O’s, there are an endless number of vape tricks you can learn. To get you started, we’ve created a beginner’s guide to vape tricks so you get your head around the basics before learning the more advanced tricks.

In this guide, we’ll cover the following popular vape tricks that will help get you started. We’ve included videos of people performing the tricks so you can see for yourself how it’s done.

  • The Waterfall
  • The Tornado
  • Ghost Inhales
  • Blowing O’s
  • The Dragon
  • French Inhale
  • The Bane Trick

1. How to Perform the Bane Vape Trick

The Bane Inhale is one of the coolest looking tricks a vaper can do, it looks very impressive when mastered.

If you know how to French Inhale properly you can start learning how to Bane Inhale. The trick to this one is make the vapour in your mouth as dense as possible, so learn to do that well first.

Open your mouth slightly and extend your bottom lip so that the vapour naturally goes up towards your nose. This is the same as French Inhaling except this time you need to put your teeth in the way of the vapour so that it can only escape through the little gaps, creating the cool Bane effect.

2. How to do French Inhale Vape Tricks

The French Inhale is very simple and looks impressive. Simply all you do is take the vapour in your mouth, push your bottom lip out, slowly breath it out a bit then switch to inhaling through your nose, the remaining vapour left in your mouth will follow if done properly.

Practice this for a while and you’ll soon be able to do a French Inhale, which means you can take on the next trick!

3. How to Perform Dragon Vape Tricks

The Dragon trick is where you exhale vapour out of the corners of your mouth and your nose at the same time creating a cool looking effect that will no doubt impress your friends.

When you have got a mouth full of vapour, exhale through your nose whilst also exhaling some of the vapor through the corners of your mouth.

Keep the center of your mouth shut without keeping the corners too tight, it is not very easy to exhale through your nose and mouth at the same time but with some practice this is not a hard one to learn.

4. How to Blow O’s with Vapes

Blowing O’s is difficult at first and takes a bit of practice, but it soon becomes natural.

To blow O’s, hold the vapour in your mouth without inhaling and shape your mouth into an O shape. It is hard to describe how to do this, but you have to create pressure in your throat and then release it, sort of clicking your throat.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how it should look. It’s not easy at first but stick with it, once you’ve done it a few times it becomes easier and the technique for blowing O’s is used in more advanced tricks too.

That is the basics of it but you can improve your O’s further, move your jaw out a bit to add speed and distance, push your tongue out when you blow the ring out to add backspin and keep your rings tight together.

5. How to do Ghost Inhale Vape Tricks

The Ghost Inhale trick is where you exhale a thick cloud of vapour in a ball like shape and suck it back in again. This is an impressive looking trick that looks complicated but can easily be mastered with a bit of practice.

Take in a long pull of vapour but keep it in your mouth, do not inhale. Let the vapour sit in your mouth for a few seconds, then gently push it out using your tongue without exhaling. As soon as the vapour leaves your mouth, rapidly suck it back in.

The Ghost Inhale is used in more advanced tricks, so it’s a good one to master early.

6. How to do Tornado Vape Tricks

The tornado sounds complicated but it really isn’t, it is an extra step that you can do from the waterfall trick. Once you have got your vapour sitting nicely on the flat surface, use your hand to scoop up the vapour into the air creating a tornado like effect with the vapour.

This is an impressive looking trick that is very simple and will impress your friends!

7. How to do Waterfall Vape Tricks

The Waterfall vape trick is very simple and there are multiple ways you can do it, it’s so simple and anyone can give it a go.

The trick works by slowing letting out vapour onto a flat surface to create a thick mist that stays in place on the surface. You can do it with your mouth by inhaling the vapour and letting it sit for a few seconds before slowly letting it out a couple centimetres away from the surface.

It’s easiest to do with with a high VG liquid or more powerful device, like a vape mod, as they produce thicker vape clouds though any device can work. Do not exhale the vapour, simply let it flow naturally out of your mouth onto the surface. This can also be done with a bottle or any other container.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done!

Have you tried vaping yet?

Since vaping was introduced as an alternative to smoking, it’s exploded in popularity. Now, new vape shops are constantly opening up in shopping malls and online. This means that vaping is more accessible than ever.

Whether you’re already a dedicated vaper or just curious about how it all works, you’ll learn something from this post.

Read on to find out some weird and wonderful facts about vaping.

1. There Are Some Seriously Weird Vape Juice Flavors

As vaping has surged in popularity, e-juice manufacturers have been getting more and more creative with their flavors.

Generally, the most popular ones are sweet flavors, such as cotton candy, lime drop, green apple, and butterscotch. Lots of vapers also enjoy menthol flavors for their refreshing taste.

Now, there is a huge variety of flavors to choose from–including some that sound less than appetizing. Some of the weirdest e-juice flavors out there include bacon, birthday cake, hot dogs, nacho cheese, pumpkin pie, and espresso.

2. Vaping Is Getting Competitive

People take vaping really seriously. In fact, competitive events are often held around it.

In these competitions, dedicated vapers gather to try to blow the biggest clouds. People who compete are known as “cloud chasers,” and the ones who can exhale the biggest and longest-lasting clouds are awarded cash prizes.

Creativity is a factor in these competitions, too. Professional vapers perform cool tricks, blowing smoke into rings, balls, ripples, and other interesting shapes to impress the crowd.

3. Some Vape Pens Look Like USB Sticks

Not all vape pens are created equal. With so many manufacturers out there, designs are becoming much more varied. In many cases, pens are being slimmed down so that they are inconspicuous and easy to carry.

One such example is the Juul vape pen, which looks a lot like a USB stick. It’s become hugely popular with teenagers, who find it easy to use at school without getting caught out by their teachers.

There are lots of other models, too. You can buy vaporizers that are shaped like coils, cones, cubes, and cylinders. There’s even one that looks like a tape deck.

You can discover more awesome vaporizers online.

4. Vaping Saves Lives

According to experts in the UK, e-cigarettes could save the lives of 50,000 people or more.

This is because switching to vaping from smoking significantly decreases the associated health risks, such as lung or throat cancer. For many, this is the motivation for taking up vaping.

Some people choose it as a much safer alternative. Others use it as a way to slowly wean themselves off smoking altogether, without having to quit cold turkey. Either way, it works.

5. “Second-Hand Vaping” Is a Thing

Second-hand smoke is a major concern with cigarettes. While vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes, this should still be taken into consideration.

Nicotine is present in e-cigarettes, as it’s mixed with flavorings in liquid form. It’s much safer than traditional cigarette smoke, as it doesn’t involve the burning of tobacco. However, it can still be harmful to the lungs in excessive amounts.

This is one of the things about vaping that is most commonly overlooked.

6. There Is a Vape Culture

Vaping is not just a hoby or a way of getting a fix. For some people, it’s a way of life.

As well as competitions, there are vape lounges opening up all over the USA and a growing list of online communities for vapers.

In these communities, vapers get together to discuss where to buy the best products and how to perform tricks. They also talk about how to improve the image of vaping to the outside world.

7. The Vape Pen Inventor Is a Smoker

The original e-cigarette was invented by a Chinese Pharmacist called Hon Lik.

He developed the device in an attempt to improve his health. After the death of his father due to a lifelong smoking habit, he wanted to quit cigarettes once and for all.

However, while his invention was hugely successful, his personal health venture wasn’t. He still smokes cigarettes on top of vaping, and now describes himself as a dual user.

8. There Are Luxury Vape Products

If you have expensive taste, there are plenty of luxury vape pens you can indulge in.

Some high-end vape pens cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is because of their sleek designs, high-tech customizable features, or luxury materials.

One Russian oligarch even went as far as to have a diamond-encrusted e-cigarette made for his girlfriend.

9. Vaping Could Save You Money

Smoking is a very expensive habit. It costs the US around $289 billion each year.

For the individual, this can amount to $7,000 every single year!

In comparison, vaping is much cheaper. Instead of paying out for expensive packs of cigarettes, all you need to do is make a one-off payment for your vape pen. Then you simply top up your vape juice when you need it.

That’s why many people are making the transition from smoking to vaping. As well as saving lives, it also saves money.

The mechanical mod sits firmly within the upper tiers of vaping, offering users a technical and powerful way of vaping. Using a mechanical mod is perhaps the rawest kind of vaping possible, thanks to its unregulated output. It’s important to remember that a mechanical / unregulated vape device is recommended to only the most experienced users out there. These are users who have an extensive knowledge of battery safety, battery output, Ohm’s law and vaping as a whole.

Nevertheless, vaping maestros will tell you that using a mechanical is an experience unlike any other. Through the simple act of pushing the fire button, you complete a circuit that runs the power of your vape battery through your unregulated device and into your atomiser. With this in mind, we’ll take through a few key points of safety to help you get the best experience when using your mechanical mod.


You should be familiar with the saying ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’, well this appropriately applies to vaping as much as anything else. Yes, you can put a coil build below 0.2 Ohm into your RDA and fire it on your unregulated device, but the lower the resistance the more likely it is that you run the risk of a flow of power that can cause the battery to vent, or even in extreme circumstances, cause a thermal runaway. To avoid this risk, it’s advised to build coils at 0.2 Ohm or above, resulting in plenty of cloud production, but more importantly, peace of mind.


An Ohms reader, or Ohmmeter, is an essential piece of kit for anyone who is looking to build their own coils, especially for those who are looking to move to an unregulated device. An Ohmmeter allows you to check the resistance of your coil, detect any possibility of a short circuit, and judges whether your coils are correctly fitted. If you were to skip this vital stage and fire your RDA on your mechanical mod without checking, the results can be deadly.

The same can be said for a coil building kit, which are specially designed vape tools that allow the user to build coils efficiently and effectively, whilst increasing safety. These are essential for any mechanical user.


As aforementioned, the danger of building a coil with too low a resistance relates to the relationship between the battery and the coil. The rule of thumb is, the higher the Ohm rating the less Amps from the battery are needed. This is where Ohm’s Law really comes into play, as it’s used to confirm that the amount of energy discharged from your battery is safe.

‘I = V ÷ R’

This is the equation that will decide it all for you. Whilst this looks rather complicated, it’s easy once you get your head around it. Where ‘I’ is Current, measured in Amps; ‘V’ is power measured in Volts; and ‘R’ is Resistance, measured in Ohms. As a rule of thumb, batteries with a higher mAh, will have a lower Amp so it’s important to take this into consideration.

For example, you have a fully charged 18650 3.7V 20A Battery and an RDA with a registered 0.3 Ohm coil build. 3.7 divided by 0.3 equals 12.3. Meaning this build will draw 12.3 Amps from the battery. This is perfectly safe for a 20 Amp battery, making this a practical combination of coil and battery to use with an unregulated device. It’s absolutely vital to always use this simple equation when using a mechanical/unregulated device.

Remember to keep your batteries charged as voltage can drop, which will have an adverse effect on your vape. It’s also worth noting that reverse polarity (putting in batteries the wrong way round) can easily result in a nasty accident so please be mindful when placing batteries into the device.


As aforementioned, the danger of building a coil with too low a resistance relates to the relationship between the battery and the coil. The rule of thumb is, the higher the Ohm rating the less Amps from the battery are needed. This is where Ohm’s Law really comes into play, as it’s used to confirm that the amount of energy discharged from your battery is safe.

‘I = V ÷ R’

This is the equation that will decide it all for you. Whilst this looks rather complicated, it’s easy once you get your head around it. Where ‘I’ is Current, measured in Amps; ‘V’ is power measured in Volts; and ‘R’ is Resistance, measured in Ohms. As a rule of thumb, batteries with a higher mAh, will have a lower Amp so it’s important to take this into consideration.

For example, you have a fully charged 18650 3.7V 20A Battery and an RDA with a registered 0.3 Ohm coil build. 3.7 divided by 0.3 equals 12.3. Meaning this build will draw 12.3 Amps from the battery. This is perfectly safe for a 20 Amp battery, making this a practical combination of coil and battery to use with an unregulated device. It’s absolutely vital to always use this simple equation when using a mechanical/unregulated device.

Remember to keep your batteries charged as voltage can drop, which will have an adverse effect on your vape. It’s also worth noting that reverse polarity (putting in batteries the wrong way round) can easily result in a nasty accident so please be mindful when placing batteries into the device.

Series or Parallel Regulated Mod – Which Is Better?

As you can see from the above calculations, using either a Series or Parallel unregulated vape device will greatly change the type of vape you experience. A parallel vape device will allow you to use coils of much lower resistance, this will result in a more powerful vape, boosting vapour production. A series vape device, on the other hand, will require you to use higher resistance coils, but the device will have a much faster ramp-up.


It’s important to remember the golden rule ‘if it doesn’t seem safe, don’t do it’. We can’t reiterate this point enough. If you do not have the correct tools, vape hardware and knowledge, you’ll be setting yourself up for disaster so it’s a necessity to equip yourself in order to safely enjoy the act of unregulated/mechanical vaping.

We stock a number of unregulated and mechanical mods. If you have any questions regarding this topic, or vaping in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.